"My handwriting is so affected that I cannot fill out the paper form. Is it possible to complete and print the Info-4-Life form electronically?.... I just used the new form on your website. Fantastic, Thanks."

"Thank you for the response. If we could get 300 that would be enough to cover the senior event and then have a couple on each of our (8) fire engines to carry as they encounter the need. Thank you again for offering such a great product."
From KIM C.
Sr. Deputy Fire Marshal
Gresham Fire & Emergency Services
Gresham, OR 97030



Gresham Fire Engines to Carry Info 4 Life Frame Kits Gresham Firefighters Receive 300 kit donation from local Fred Meyer Pharmacy


Gresham Fire and Emergency Services received 300 Info 4 Life Frame packets on Sept. 20 from the Gresham Fred Meyer Pharmacy at 2497 SE Burnside Road. Pharmacy Manager Andy Lee purchased the kits for the Gresham Fire Department and presented them to the Fire Station 72 crew on Tuesday.
“These kits will help firefighters have quick access to emergency medical information during an emergency call”, said Fire Capt. Jeffrey Dana, who oversees training the department’s emergency medical technicians.
The Info 4 Life Frame kit contains a form that when completed will contain medical data such as medications, allergies, medical history and advance directives in addition to emergency contact and physician information. The form fits into a 4” x 6” plastic sleeve with a magnetic back that can be secured to the refrigerator door.
Fire Station 72 Lt. Michael Snodgrass said, “I can think of several patients that I plan to give these kits to right away”.
The kit comes with a sticker to be placed on the front door or window to alert emergency responders to look for the form on the refrigerator. Another smaller version of the information form is included that can be filled out and carried in the wallet.
When receiving the kits Snodgrass told Lee, “We sure appreciate the donation because this will definitely make our jobs easier.” The kits will be carried on all Gresham Fire Engines and distributed to residents who will benefit by having the completed information forms in their homes for firefighters.


"My name is Ellie and I am from Seattle. A while ago I got a Info-4-Life Kit from my local Fred Meyer store.

The Seattle Neighborhood Group and I are hosting a "Safety Saturday" for our neighborhood on July 14, 2012. It is an interactive "festival" for our neighborhood residents on how to prepare before, during and after a natural disaster, fire or medical emergency. I was hoping that you would be willing to supply us with 100-200 Info-4-Life kits to give out at the event.

I believe the Info-4-Life kits would benefit all who receive the kit, I know, because it has benefited me!"
Thank you, ELLIE R.


"Info-4-Life is a lifesaver! What a great product! As a non-medical homecare agency owner I give an Info-4-Life packet to every client, as well as potential clients. If I do an assessment for a potential client who is trying to pick between a few agencies I give them the Info-4-Life, which of course has my company logo on it, and tell them to fill it out right away and post it on their refrigerator. That results in them seeing my agencys name 4 or 5 times a day, keeping it top of mind and making it more likely that they will call me for service than another agency! Its great for the seniors well being and for my agencys visibility! "
LAURIE MILLER, President Apple Care and Companion


"Will you please send me a couple info4life forms. The paramedics took the one I filled out for my uncle to the hospital and I did not get it back. The emergency medical information sheet kit came from Ralphs Pharmacy and I am so glad it was right there when 911 had to be called."
Thanks, MARCIA C.

"My husband & I use your emergency medical packets in case of emergency, and we love the peace of mind it brings! Our cards/sheets are outdated and we would like to update them for the new year. Can you please send us 2 packets? Thank you so much & have a great day!"
Christiansburg, VA.

"Dear Mr. Jacobs
On behalf of the residents of Heartland Pointe of Donelson, TN, may I express our appreciation to you for your company’s 'Info-4-Life Emergency Medical Information Kits'. Members of our Leadership group are all very impressed with your kits. They will provide a greater sense of security in the event of a medical emergency."

Sincerely, BETTY I.

"I received the samples today and YES, we would love to have 2 boxes of them. I will share them with the social workers and other nurses. It is good to know that many of our senior clients will have this important available if the need arises. The wallet card is really a great idea too – we always encourage our clients to carry medication/medical information with them so the card is perfect.
Thank-you again Howie. You are a great person!"

Sincerely, LIBBY P., RN, PHN
Marin County Department of Health & Human Services
Division of Aging & Adult Services

"Dear Mr. Howard
Thank you so much for your generous gift of 50 Info-4-Life packets donated by your corporation to our church for our special senior program on Saturday, September 17, 2011. Your gift will provide many of our seniors with vital information that will enrich their lives."

Sincerey JHS JR., Pastor
Shiloh Missionary Babtist Church


“Thanks, I received your Info-4-Life packets. I have several friends who live alone. Several of us have already had unexpected medical incidents that could have been very serious had someone not just happened to be around. These emergency medical  info kits will be put into place for future events that could arise."
Sharon DeQuine